Torg was a demon living in Sunnydale by 2003.

He managed a restaurant for demons and was the guard of Beljoxa's Eye dimension. He had a short relation with Anyanka, whom he rejected after she became human again. Anya and Rupert Giles contacted him so that he could open them the gate leading to Beljoxa’s Eye dimension. After failing to be seduced by Anya, Giles promised him that the Slayer would not come to exterminate the clientele of his restaurant. Reassured by that, Torg then cut his hand, his blood serving as the key to open the gate.

He had a resemblance similar to the Hellions. According to Anya, Torg didn't possess a heart, instead having six spleens, two stomachs and half a brain.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Josh Braaten.

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