The Tooth of Ammuk was a magical artifact that could absorb souls. Angel had one of these embedded into his right nipple as part of a plan to resurrect Rupert Giles.


The Tooth of Ammuk absorbed fragments of a deceased person's soul whenever the user visited areas that were important to said deceased person in life, requiring nine fragments based on the Egyptian belief of the soul being divided into nine pieces. As seen with Angel, this resulted in the user taking on the soul's personality and mannerisms at times, though the user remained in control of himself/herself and was seemingly unaware of this.

This method of resurrection was only possible due to Giles's long contact with magical artefacts over the course of his life.


In the course of his quest to restore Giles, Angel was shown collecting three fragments of Giles's soul- although he may have collected others based on items that were already in Giles's apartment when he and Faith started living there-, each based on pivotal moments in his life involving the use of magic;

  • The Shard of Stronnos, representing the end of Giles's youthful innocence as he used magic for the first time.
  • The cemetery where Giles encountered the 'Highgate Vampire', marking the beginning of Giles's 'rebellious phase'.
  • The Slayer Scythe, the object that Giles was holding when he was killed.

After collecting eight fragments of Giles's soul, Angel attempted to acquire the ninth by coming in contact with Giles's body—which they intended to heal using the mystical Crown of Coils—but this attempt was fruitless as Giles's body had been taken from its grave. The body along with the soul had entered the possession of Eyghon the Sleepwalker, who was by rights the owner of Giles' completed soul due to the pact Giles had made in his youth. After Eyghon's defeat, Angel came into possession of the complete soul, with Giles inhabiting his body alongside the demon within and his original soul, Liam, until Faith and Spike were able to find a means of extracting Giles's soul.

Behind the Scenes

  • Thus far, the Tooth of Ammuk appears to be one of the few magical artifacts unaffected by the destruction of the Seed of Wonder.