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Pray this accursed book shall never again be read, lest the demon Moloch be loosed upon the world…
―Brother Thelonius[src]

The tome of Molock was the book within which Moloch the Corruptor was magically bind.


During the Dark Ages, many books were created designed to magically bind demons within them through the ritual of Circle of Kayless. In 1418, brother Thelonius, with the aid of other monks, trapped the demon Moloch the Corruptor within one of these tomes. Although, once the words within the book were read (by any interpretation of the word), the demon would be released, and the book remained unread for more than five hundred years.

Tome of Moloch interior

Interior of the tome.

By 1997, the tome of Molock had found its way to Sunnydale, where it was delivered to Rupert Giles at Sunnydale High School library. It was then scanned by Willow Rosenberg, which released Moloch not into the physical world, but into the internet, leaving the tome’s pages blank. Giles and Jennifer Calendar attempted to return Moloch to the book with the same binding spell and the aid of online technopagans, but only succeeded in binding him into a robotic body and cutting him off from the internet, which allowed Buffy Summers to finally kill Molock.[1]



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