Tom Warner was a Crestwood College student and the leader of the cult of Machida, formed by the members of the Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity.


Through Cordelia Chase, he charmed the high schooler Buffy Summers into attending a frat party in hopes of feeding her to Machida in a ritual sacrifice along with Callie Anderson. He drugged and prevented her from being raped by his fellow worshiper Richard. He chained her in Machida's lair along with Callie and Cordelia, dressed in the sacrificial robes and preformed the rites. As Machida went in for the attack, Buffy used her Slayer strength to break out of her chains and used them to fight the demon, prompting Tom to attack her with a sword, though, she dealt with Tom with ease. After the death of Machida, Tom was arrested and presumably sent to jail for missing and murder of victims.

Behind the Scene

  • He was portrayed by Todd Babcock.


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