He took care of me.
―Cyrus Mitchell[src]

Tom Mitchell was a widowed man who was turned into a vampire in 1922.

His wife died of a lingering illness, leaving him to take care of their son, Cyrus. Tom was sired outside of Club du Jazz by a female vampire. He continued to see his son, whom he sometimes took out at night to the Santa Monica pier.

Tom was present at his son's wedding and, in 1950, killed Cyrus' mother-in-law when she tried to keep Tom away from his grandchild. Afterwards, Tom disappeared for fifty years. In 2000, Tom returned to his son, who was now an old man, and began to take care of him as he did when Cyrus was a child. Three years later, Tom was dusted by a Slayer before Cyrus' eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Like Spike, Tom retained some humanity as a vampire, enjoying caring for his son, attending his wedding and being at his deathbed. Tom also expressed interest in seeing his granchild but was denied by his son's mother-in-law. Like all souless beings however, he had murderous impulses which he gave in to as shown when he killed the mother-in-law in retaliation.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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