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A spell to see spells. Well, a trance to see spells, but, you get the idea. Try that.
Anya Jenkins[src]

Tirer la Couverture was a ritual that enabled the caster to enter a trance wherein they could perceive the trace signature of spells cast nearby, whereas usually this trace signature was invisible to the human eye.[1]


The ritual was created in the 16th century by French sorcerer Cloutier and caused notable anguish to demons. According to Willow Rosenberg, the name meant "pull the curtain back."[1]

In 2000, Buffy Summers performed the ritual in her house, leading her to discover that her sister Dawn was actually the result of a spell.[1]

When the Seed of Wonder was restored and the new rules governing magic started appearing in the Slayer Handbook, Willow Rosenberg offered to cast a Tirer la Couverture to run a trace.[2]


Tirer la Couverture ritual

Buffy prepares the ritual.

  • Burning incense
  • Circle of sand
  • Meditation
  • Various Talismans

Behind the scenes[]

  • The name of the spell translates from French roughly to "pull the blanket/cover."