I didn't lay my faerie eggs inside your inner ear canal to watch you die.
―Tink, to Buffy Summers (underground decoy)[src]

Tink was a fairy living underground along with her own species, the Slimefolk, the Ravenclan, and other creatures.


The Slayer Organization helped the four underground races band together and defeat a horde of demons, led by Yamanh of Hoht, who were coming from deeper underground to attack both them and the surface world. Tink made friends with Buffy Summers (underground decoy) before she died in the battle.[1]

She later appeared on (the real) Buffy Summers's dream to guide her on Sineya's messages. She told Buffy and Willow to restore the magic in the world, and, crypticly, that Buffy wasn't the Slayer nor a girl anymore.[2]

Behind the Scenes



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