Illyria time travel time bomb

Illyria inadvertently travels to the future

Time Travel was the capacity to visit past and future times.


  • After becoming human and weak against a Mohra Demon, Angel asked The Oracles to restore his vampire status, resulting in them turning time back to the previous day, a point before Angel was affected by the demon's blood, so that he could prevent it from happening.
  • The demon Sahjhan came to Holtz in 1773 and offered him a chance at revenge on Darla and Angelus in the future (although evidence suggested that he merely put Holtz in a form of suspended animation rather than taking him directly to the future, Sahjhan was apparently capable of time travel on his own).
  • Illyria had the natural capacity of time manipulation, although she was not shown using this to travel in time on her own but merely made random jumps.
  • Several months after the fall of Los Angeles, the Senior Partners reversed time for all the inhabitants of the city to prevent Angel's death.
  • Angel travelled to a future where Myresto Mor and his sister governed the Earth, but was sent back in time by the Illyria of that era.
  • Using a ritual case by Willow, Buffy travelled to the future New York named Haddyn, where the Slayer was Melaka Fray, and was later pulled back to the present by Willow using another ritual.
  • Severin stole Illyria's powers to go back to the past to prevent the End of Magic, but was interrupted in this attempt, instead using her powers to accelerate the growth of the new Seed of Wonder.


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