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Ah, ladies... You would be the Three Sisters, yes? Excellent. Right. I'd heard you were only myth but... Obviously erroneous.
Rupert Giles[src]

The Three Sisters,[1] also known as Harpies[2] and Weird Sisters,[3] were a trio of vampires serving Count Dracula. They lived with their master in Transylvania[2][4] and joined him when he traveled to Sunnydale in 2000.[1]


When Buffy Summers was guided to Dracula's mansion by Alexander Harris, at the time enthralled into Dracula's servitude, one of the sisters saw as they walked through the corridors.[1]

In the same night, Rupert Giles stormed the mansion with Riley Finn in attempt to save the Slayer from Dracula. They went on separated ways, then Giles opened a door and fell inside a pit. There, he was approached by the Three Sisters, who seduced him and kept him away from their master. They prepared to feed on him, but were driven off when Riley brandished a cross in their direction.[1]

After the destruction of Sunnydale, Xander spent some time with Dracula in his castle in Transylvania. As Buffy and two other Slayers went to rescue Xander from the vampire's thrall, he was hidden with the Harpies. Xander described them as "scary and cold," as well as complained that they kept trying to dress him up like a "bobby," a police officer.[2]

Years later, Xander went once again after Dracula in his castle to request his assistance. He was along Dawn Summers, who expected to be attacked by "undead hoochie mamas" as soon as she knocked at the door.[3] As Dracula talked with the couple, he commented that the Weird Sisters were becoming "quite bored" with Butterfield, since Xander hadn't visited them anymore.[4]

Powers and abilities[]

Like Dracula, the Three Sisters could display vampire fangs and eyes without taking on the full "vampire visage" of many common vampires. They also possessed some form of hypnosis because Giles was both unable and unwilling to fight back.[1]

Behind the scenes[]