Ah, ladies... You would be the Three Sisters, yes? Excellent. Right. I'd heard you were only myth but... Obviously erroneous.
―Rupert Giles[src]

The Three Sisters were a trio of vampires serving Count Dracula. They joined their master when he traveled to Sunnydale in search for Buffy Summers, the Slayer.

When Buffy was taken to the castle by Xander Harris, at the time enthralled into Dracula's servitude, one of the sisters saw them inside. A few hours later, Rupert Giles and Riley Finn stormed Dracula's castle in their attempt to save Buffy from Dracula, Giles fell inside a pit where he was approached by the Sisters, who seduced him in order to keep him away from their master. They prepared to feed on him until they were driven off by Riley when he brandished a cross.

Powers and Abilities

Like Dracula, the Three Sisters could display vampire fangs and eyes without taking on the full "vampire visage" of many common vampires. It's possible that they may also possess some form of hypnosis because Giles was both unable and unwilling to fight back.

Behind the Scenes


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