What's with the outfit? Live in the now, okay? You look like DeBarge!
―Buffy Summers to Thomas[src]

Thomas was a male vampire and brethren of the Order of Aurelius. Compared with fellow brethren Luke and Darla, Thomas was rather young and was not as powerful.


Come on. What are you afraid of?
―Thomas to Willow Rosenberg[src]
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Thomas reveals his true face

Thomas' manner of clothing indicated he was sired during the late seventies. After being turned into a vampire, Thomas became part of the Order of Aurelius, an ancient cult of vampires ruled by The Master that worshiped the Old Ones, the original, pure-breed demons that ruled Earth prior to humanity.

In early 1997, one night prior to The Harvest, Thomas was sent to the surface alongside Darla to find "offerings" for the Master to feed on. At the Bronze, Thomas approached Willow Rosenberg, who was not accustomed to socializing with boys, much less distinguishing modern clothing. Thomas lured the unsuspecting Willow by asking her to an ice cream bar. He took her through one of Sunnydale's graveyards and forced her into a mausoleum which served as entrance to the Order's lair. However, minutes after arriving to the mausoleum, Thomas fought and was slain by the Slayer, Buffy Summers, who had recognized his vampire status simply because of his outfit.

Personality and traits

He was young and stupid.

Despite his relative young age when compared with fellow members of the Order, Thomas was rather confident in his abilities, speaking to Darla, not only a far older vampire but also the Master's favorite, as his equal. Like Darla, Thomas preferred to gain the trust of his victims to make attacks more likely to succeed.

However, unlike Darla, Thomas was not as talented in blending in. Probably due to the Order's tenet of dwelling underground, Thomas was not in touch with late 90's fashion, and dressed in a way that led the Slayer to compare him with one of the DeBarge brothers.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by J. Patrick Lawlor.
  • Thomas was the first vampire killed in the show.


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