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They feed me their worst, and I serve it right back to them. And the fear and the prejudice turn to certainty and hate -- and I take another bite! What a beautiful, beautiful dance!
―Unidentfied Thesulac demon[src]

Thesulac demons, also known as Paranoia demons, were a feared and particularly insidious demon species. For nearly a hundred years, a particular Thesulac haunted the Hyperion Hotel until Angel Investigations destroyed it in 2000.

Physiology and powers[]

Paranoia demon. Whispers to its victims, feeds on their innate insecurities.
Cordelia Chase[src]

Thesulac demons existed in a non-corporeal state, under which they were invisible and possessed telepathic abilities. In order to sustain itself, a Thesulac would haunt particular areas in which a large number of people would gather and use its telepathic abilities to read from and whisper to the minds of its chosen victims, taunting them with their hidden fears and insecurities. The fear they inspired not only fed the Thesulac, but also drove the victim to insanity and to commit acts of violence such as suicide, lynching and murder.

Angel: “There's got to be a way to kill it.
Denver: “Well, first you gotta make it fat. Corporeal. That only happens after it's had a nice big feed. Or if you raise it. But that's tricky, and dangerous.
Angel and Denver[src]

Massive feeding and/or performing a spell would cause a Thesulac to assume corporeal state, in which they had gray, scaly skin, red eyes and a large number of tentacles.

Besides their telepathic powers, Thesulacs were also immune to most forms of physical harm, except for massive jolts of electricity, although Denver suggested that hitting with a huge weapon such as an axe might kill it, but he wasn't sure.