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Angel sends his love.
―Theresa Klusmeyer[src]

Theresa Klusmeyer was a Sunnydale High student and later a vampire.

She was in a group alongside Buffy Summers and Larry Blaisdell during a self-defense class where Buffy's presence prevented her from being felt-up by the rowdy Larry mainly because she seemed to be quickly anxious.

At this time, she was one of few students who didn't consider Buffy an outcast.


Almost purchased by a werewolf, she was unfortunate enough to run into Angelus on her way home, pretending to be Buffy's friend and who propose his protection, who later sired her in an alleyway. She rose as a vampire at her wake while Xander Harris and Buffy were visiting on suspicion that she was killed by a Werewolf . During the scuffle, she mentioned that "Angel sends his love" and nearly overpowered Buffy before Xander staked her in the back with a wooden stand. She was 17 when sired and dusted.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Megahn Perry.