You're really starting to hurt the Master, he wouldn't send the Three for just anyone.
―Rupert Giles[src]

The Three are a trio of powerful vampire warriors and members of the Order of Aurelius. They were summoned by The Master to hunt down the Slayer.


After the death of Zachary, the Master became fed up with the death of so many of the Order's brethren, his family, at the hands of Buffy Summers. The Three attacked Buffy close to The Bronze. Buffy proved to be no match for the medieval vampires, and would have probably died if it was not for the intervention of Angel.

The Three chased Buffy and Angel all the way to her house but couldn't attack them because they were not invited. They returned to the lair of the Order where they offered their lives in penance for their failure, as it was dictated by the codes of the Order. At first, the Master toyed with them, implying to Colin that he would spare their lives. Then the Master refused to execute them himself as their deaths would offer him little satisfaction, for which he allowed Darla to impale them herself.


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