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Note: This article is about the school paper. For the letters to the editor section, see Sunnydale High Sentinel.

The school paper is edging on depressing lately. You guys notice that?

The Sunnydale High Sentinel was the school newspaper of Sunnydale High School. In 1999, it included an obituary section and had Frederick Iverson as editor.[1]


In one of the issues, Fred described the Sunnydale High cheerleading squad: "the pep rally is a place for pseudo-prostitutes to provoke men into a sexual frenzy which, when thwarted, results in pointless athletic competition." The main headline of this issue was "Grades Are Meaningless," and Willow noted the newspaper was "edging on depressing" lately.[1]

The following issue had the front page headline "Team Wins Senseless Contest," with the editorial titled "Big Game Draws Mindless Brain Dead Mob."[1]

A week earlier, the editor had also reviewed the band Dingoes Ate My Baby, describing that they "play their instruments as if they have plump polish sausages taped to their fingers." When guitarist Oz went after Fred to investigate an upcoming mass murder attempt, Fred hid from him, assuming he wanted to complain about the negative review. He eventually apologized for it, but Oz told him that it was fair.[1]

The newspaper office included various past issues framed on the wall, which displayed the following front page headlines:[1]

  • "School Death Reaches Record" and "Student Volunteers at Crisis Center Phone Helpline."
  • "Teachers Fail Competency Exam," "SHS Welcomes New Exchange Student From Spain," "Razorbacks Looking Ahead Sports Awards Banquet," and "Drillteam to Perform in Capitol Parade."
  • "Drop-Outs Find Happiness," "Make-up Artist Carmen Rodriguez Role Model for Young Latinas," "Career Day Plans Big Turnout," "SAT’s Looming," and "Sweethearts of the Month."
  • "Apathy on the Rise, No One Cares," "Student Council Fails to Meet Quorum for a Third Time," "Student to Join Pilot Training Program Upon Graduation," and "Girl Tennis Slated for Sunnydale Open."

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