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"The Shroud of Rahmon" is the eighth episode of the second season of Angel and the thirtieth episode in the series. Written by Jim Kouf and directed by David Grossman, it was originally broadcast on November 21, 2000, on The WB network.


Angel poses as a flashy vampire hoodlum, and with the help of Gunn prevents a mind-altering shroud from falling into the wrong hands.[1]


Two detectives interrogate Wesley about an attempted murder. Wesley tells them the whole situation went very wrong. Without revealing the suspect's name, Wesley explains that Angel wasn't supposed to be at the crime scene — he and Cordelia would have stopped him if they had "found out sooner."

The day before, Wesley stops by the Hyperion Hotel and talks with Cordelia. She's cut her hair, and he's noticing it for the first time. Because Angel is on a case with Gunn, Wesley takes Cordelia to a movie premiere.

Angel and Gunn meet with Gunn's cousin, Lester, who asks for their help. His friend E.J. vouched for him to be a driver for a demonic robbery, but he wants nothing to do with it. Jay-Don, a notorious member of the Rat Pack in the 1950's, is being brought in to help. Much to Gunn's dismay, Angel takes charge of the case and dismisses Gunn to keep him out of danger.

Angel returns to the hotel and finds Kate in his room. She wants information on Darla and her whereabouts. Despite the cross Kate carries, Angel warns her to back off before she is killed. He threatens that, if she comes between him and Darla, it would be the last thing she ever does.

Angel meets Jay-Don at the bus station and dusts him, stealing his sunglasses and mannerisms to assume his identity. A demon named Menlo meets with the vampire he thinks is Jay-Don and takes him to the others. Another demon, Vyasa; a human security guard, Bob; and Gunn — pretending to be Lester — complete the team.

Cordelia researches museums to find which one may be the location of the robbery and learns the Southern California Museum of Natural History temporarily contains the Shroud of Rahmon. It is a mystical object that causes people around it to go insane. Meanwhile, Angel breaks inside the museum, where the Shroud's effect causes him to revert to his vampire visage. Wesley and Cordelia enter the building and are immediately affected as well. The demons, humans, and vampires slowly carry the tomb out of the building and gradually become more erratic and violent towards each other. Vyasa kills Bob by ripping off his head. Wesley encounters Kate in the building and has trouble keeping focused on his mission to help Angel. Wesley confronts Angel and tries to warn him about the Shroud.

Kate finds Angel and the others and pulls a gun on them. Angel confronts her, knocks her gun out of the way, and bites her. After he drinks her blood, he flings her limp form to the ground. A police team arrives and finds Wesley leaning over Kate's body. The group carries the tomb to another building and, due to the Shroud's effect on the demons, they all fight over it. Menlo and Vyasa kill each other, while Gunn and Angel play tug of war with the Shroud. Angel eventually convinces Gunn to release his grip. Outside, after dousing the Shroud in alcohol, Angel sets it on fire.

In the interrogation room, the detectives are convinced that Wesley is the killer. As they're about to arrest him, a wan and pale Kate shows up and tells them to release him. Alone, Kate touches the bite marks on her neck and reminisces about Angel biting her. She remembers Angel whispering a warning to her before dropping her on the ground, keeping her safe.

Afterward, Wesley and Cordelia reflect upon what happened, with Wesley worrying the taste of human blood reawakened Angel's bloodlust. Meanwhile, Angel sits in his room, his thoughts focused on biting Kate.


  • In "Slouching Toward Bethlehem," Cordelia will say "yikes" when looking at a photo of her hairstyle in this episode.
  • Cordelia assumes Wesley is going to "yet another glamorous celebrity filled gala with Ms. Virginia Bryce." This is the first indication that Wesley and Virginia continued their relationship after "Guise Will Be Guise." Their relationship will continue for several more episodes before Virginia leaves to distance herself from Wesley's demon filled lifestyle ("Reprise").
  • Angel deceives Jay-Don by acting like a bumbling fan then the robbery gang by imitating Jay-Don. Angel has previously used his acting skills in episodes such as "Enemies," "City Of," and "Sense & Sensitivity."
  • The robbery gang counts on Angel's lack of body heat to not set an alarm. This quality on vampires is visible through a thermal scanner in the episode "The Initiative."
  • Cordelia asks why is it always virgin women who have to do the sacrificing. She witnessed attempts of virgin sacrifice against girls in "Reptile Boy" and "Guise Will Be Guise," and she will again in "Inside Out."
  • Angel mentions Kate's obsession with her father's death, referring to Trevor Lockley's death at the hands of a vampire associate of Wolfram & Hart in "The Prodigal."
  • Angel mentions Gunn's sister, a reference to the events of the episode "War Zone," in which Alonna was captured and turned into a vampire.
  • Wesley says that, before Kate, Angel hasn't drunk from a living person in a long time. It's been months since Angel drank from Buffy in the episode "Graduation Day, Part Two."



Organizations and titles[]




Death count[]

  • Jay-Don, staked by Angel.
  • Bob, beheaded by Vyasa.
  • Vyasa, shot in the head by Menlo.
  • Menlo, punched into a wall by Vyasa.

Behind the scenes[]



  • "The Shroud of Rahmon" had an audience of 3.0 million households upon its original airing.[2]

Pop culture references[]


  • When Jay-Don appears, his reflection can be clearly seen in the bus.



  • The episode was nominated for the Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards in the category Best Special Makeup Effects in a Series.[3]

International titles[]

  • Czech: "Rahmonův rubáš" (Rahmon's Shroud)
  • Finnish: "Paholaisen hautakääreet" (Devil's Shrouds)
  • French: "Le linceul qui rend fou" (The Shroud that Drives Crazy)
  • German: "Das Leichentuch des Rahmon" (The Shroud of Rahmon)
  • Hungarian: "Rahmon ládája" (Rahmon's Chest)
  • Italian: "Il sudario di Rahmon" (The Shroud of Rahmon)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): "A Mortalha de Rahmon" (The Shroud of Rahmon)
  • Russian: "Саван Рамона" (Shroud of Rahmon)
  • Spanish (Latin America): "El sudario de Rahmon" (The Shroud of Rahmon)
  • Spanish (Spain): "El manto de Rahmon" (The Shroud of Rahmon)
  • Turkish: "Rahmon'un Kefeni" (Shroud of Rahmon)



Promotional stills[]

Behind the scenes[]


Wesley: "What happened to your hair?"
Cordelia: "Excuse me?"
Wesley: "Your hair. It's... new. It's great! When did this happen?"
Cordelia: "Ten days ago."
Wesley: "Of course! I didn't want to embarrass you by..."
Cordelia: "Noticing?"
Wesley: "He doesn't seem to be doing much with his time lately."
Cordelia: "Au contraire, his day is packed. Brood about Darla, brood about Darla, lunch, followed by a little Darla brooding."
Cordelia: "Time to traipse off to your soul-sucking Hollywood party?"
Wesley: "Premiere, actually. And, uh, I happen to have an extra ticket."
Cordelia: "Who does shallow better than me?"
Cordelia: "Okay, here we go. Site map, membership, museum shop...don't they have a section like, things you might want to steal?"
Cordelia: "Why is it always virgin women who have to do the sacrificing?
Wesley: "For purity, I suppose."
Cordelia: "This has nothing to do with purity. This is all about dominance, buddy. You can bet that if someone ordered a male body part for religious sacrifice, the world would be atheist like that."


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