The Script Book: Season Three, Volume 1 is the eighth book of The Script Book series. It was originally published on July 1, 2003 by Simon & Schuster.


Reeling from her battle with Angel and the emotional repercussions of having to kill her true love, Buffy Summers flees to a big city where she attempts to get by anonymously. But as Buffy herself loves to remind people, trouble seems to follow the Slayer. And there's no escaping her identity as the Chosen One — particularly when Faith, a Chosen Second arrives in Sunnydale!

Follow along as Buffy returns to her hometown to the lukewarm welcome of the Scooby Gang, rekindling old bonds even as Faith ingratiates herself to the group. The true Buffyphile knows that the genius of the program lies in its savvy scriptwriting, and now fans can follow along to original shooting scripts, complete with inside jokes, production notes, and cut dialogue.

Sink your teeth into these episodes:

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