The Origin, Part One is the first issue of “The Origin” comic book miniseries. It was written by Dan Brereton and Christopher Golden, and illustrated by Joe Bennett.


The comic book adaption of the cult film starts the New Year off with a bang. Adapted from creator Joss Whedon’s original screenplay, witness Buffy’s humble beginnings as the Slayer! Follow her trials and tribulations as she comes to accept her destined role, and all the vampire slaying you can handle in a three-issue series. See the original Buffy before she set fire to the red-hot television show.[1]


A popular high school student, Buffy Summers, is planning her next big school dance, when she became the Slayer. Merrick, her Watcher, seek her out and informs her of her destiny.




Organizations and titlesEdit



  • Hemery High School Dance (Only mentioned)


Weapons and objectsEdit

Death countEdit

  • Unidentified vampire, staked by the barmaid Slayer (in flashback).
  • The barmaid Slayer, killed by Lothos (in flashback).
  • Grueller, sired by Bessel.
  • Benny Jacks, sired by Amilyn (only mentioned).
  • Cassandra, killed by Lothos.
  • Robert Berman, staked by Buffy Summers.
  • Unidentified female vampire, staked by Buffy.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • According to editor Scott Allie, “established Buffy novelist Christopher Golden pitched an adaptation of Joss [Whedon]’s original screenplay, minus the camp of the film, and done in the style of the TV show.”[2]
  • Unlike the Buffy the Vampire Slayer film, the comic’s story is canon. About this, Joss Whedon has stated: “The origin comic, though I have issues with it, CAN pretty much be accepted as canonical. They did a cool job of combining the movie script (the SCRIPT) with the series, that was nice, and using the series Merrick and not a certain OTHER thespian [referring to Donald Sutherland] who shall remain hated.”[3]
  • Differently from other representations, at this point the comic issues had vampires also able to transform into green creatures with red eyes, pointy ears, a wide mouth, and long teeth. Although, this seems more like an artistic choice, not having direct consequence to the stories.


  • The Origin, Part One was the 33rd best selling comic issue in its publishing month, with 49,974 sales in January 1999 at comic specialty stores.[4]


Pop culture referencesEdit

  • Buffy mentions shoplifting a lipstick at department store Macy’s
  • Buffy asks if singer Elvis Presley (1935–1977) have talked to Merrick, questioning his sanity.

Goofs, bloopers & continuity errorsEdit

  • Although Merrick affirms Robert had died three days before, his tombstone has his year of death as 1990, six years before the time this story takes place.


Cover artworkEdit


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