The Loa talking with Wesley.

Your insolence is displeasing.
―The Loa[src]
-Is it true? Will Angel really kill his son as it says in the prophecies?
-That the vampire will devour his child is certain. The dark question you harbor is only 'when'.
-No. The dark question I harbor is 'how do I stop it?'
-It cannot be stopped.
―Wesley and Loa[src]

The Loa is an Oracle-like creature which currently resides within a hamburger statue outside a fast-food restaurant, and whose general use is to relay food-orders through. However, once an incantation is read (Mange sec Loa, alegba, accept this offering - and open the gates of truth), the Loa comes forth; the statue grows 5-10 times it's normal size and and if not physically, spiritually becomes the embodiment of The Loa.

The Loa is cryptic in its advice and offers metaphorical answers typically wrapped within riddles or rhymes, and has low tolerance for contemptuous knowledge seekers.

Based on the presumed age and nature of The Loa in contrast to its current location within a burger statue which could not have been more than a decade old, it is presumed that The Loa is capable of changing it's location to exist within different statues at any given time.

An unknown wizard provided the current location of The Loa to Wesley in 2002.

Behind the Scenes

Loa are spirits in the Hatian Vodou and other similar religions. They serve as intermediaries for a more distant deity.


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