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The Heart of a Slayer, Part Two is the twenty-seventh issue of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Classic comic book series. It was written by Chris Boal and illustrated by Cliff Richards.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In “The Heart of the Slayer,” Buffy discovers why she is being stalked by a nightmare creature from fourteenth-century France and why that era’s Slayer is determined to stop it. Unfortunately for the two Slayers, stopping the monster may mean the ultimate sacrifice for one of them! The dynamic creative team of Chris Boal, Cliff Richards, and Joe Pimentel conclude the creepiest Buffy story yet. Do not miss this one![1]

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  • Unidentified vampire, staked by Buffy.
  • Six vampires, slayed by Buffy and Adja.
  • Adja, killed by Karfarnaum.
  • Karfarnaum, died with Adja’s death.

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  • The Heart of a Slayer, Part Two was the 109th best selling comic issue in its publishing month, with 21,216 sales in November 2000 at comic specialty stores.[3]

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