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"The Core, Part Two" was the twenty-second issue of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine comic book series.


At the Deeper Well, Buffy was fighting through crowds of demons with her slayer scythe, reflecting on how she had last used it when she destroyed the Seed. Willow was also fighting with her, using her magic against the demons. Xander was back at the entrance, still texting information to Severin and Simone over their plans. Meanwhile, Severin and Simone are threatening the last guard of the Deeper Well, a little girl with a balloon. The balloon popped when Simone shot her and turned into tentacles, lunging for them. However, the battle is immediately ended when Severin overpowered and drained it of her powers. Severin ordered Xander to buy them more time to get in, only for him to be attacked by another demon.

Buffy was still fighting, this time against D'Hoffryn. During her scrap with him, Buffy was suddenly snatched up by a flying gargoyle. She struggled against it as the gargoyle nearly succeded in killing her. However, Buffy was saved when Illyria and Koh appear to decapitate it. They argued that they were with her on this, only for her to reject them. Koh admitted that he had been accused of killing his family and was consequently imprisioned for it, but had came to terms that he could not change the past, but he can still help her save her sister. She was hesitant still, but agreed that he could help, showing that she forgave his previous betrayal and could trust him.


The story was set after "The Core, Part One", but before "The Core, Part Three".



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