The Casefiles, Volume One” is the first volume of The Casefiles reference book series. It was written by Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte, and Maryelizabeth Hart, and published by Simon Pulse in June 01, 2002.


For a hundred years, Angel offered an ugly death to everyone he met. And he did it with a song in his heart. A gypsy curse put a stop to his rampage, but his doomed love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer drove him from Sunnydale on his own quest for redemption.

Fortunately, he’s not alone. His support system includes Cordelia Chase, ex-May Queen (just until her inevitable stardom takes effect); Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Rogue Demon Hunter; and Gunn (Charles Gunn, his name, not his street tag). Their rates are low, and their logo is indecipherable — but they save people, and stuff.

Now, go behind the scenes with your favorite boody vamp for all the exclusive dirt. Featuring:


  • Episode “dossiers”
  • Character files
  • Notable quotes
  • Color photo inserts

and more! The Casefiles, Volume 1 — the companion on everything essentially Angel!

Behind the scenes


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