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I am honored you've come. Fire, death, and darkness have I bestowed in your name. Now, this humble token I offer, forged of my unworthy bones. A tribute to your power.
The Beast[src]

This dagger refers to the weapon the Beast crudely fashioned from his own bone. It was the only known weapon capable of piercing through the Beast's near-invulnerable hide.

History Edit

After successfully bringing forth the Rain of Fire and blotting out the sun from Los Angeles, the Beast made a dagger made of his own bone as an offering to his master, Jasmine.

This dagger was later used by Jasmine, who was possessing Cordelia Chase, to kill Lilah Morgan. The dagger was then presented to Angelus by the Beast as a lure to get the vampire to join them. However, Angelus declined, claiming he does not wish to work for a mere minion. Afterwards, Angelus used the dagger to kill the Beast while it was distracted from its battle with the slayer Faith, having concluded that a weapon made from the Beast was the only thing likely to damage him.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The idea of a weapon specialized to pierce through the Beast's hide was first explored with the Tooth of Light, a magical sword that was present in Angel's fantasy.

Appearances Edit

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