Tessa Freer was a Slayer and a member of the Slayer Organization. She was a member of Rona's squadron in Chicago with Anaheed and Simone Doffler. Even though she abandoned the organization to follow Simone, Tessa was one of the unwillingly slayers tested by Simone transformed into a Slaypire hybrid after the End of magic[1].

Buffy Summers encountered her during a patrol and noticed her superior strength, being able to run away before the sun came out[2]. Buffy, Billy Lane, and Robert Dowling found her nest in a cable car garage, when Buffy recognized her[3]. Tessa bit Dowling, almost wounding him mortally, until she was dusted by a police officer. Watching the scene's footage, Anaheed finally revealed the zompire's identity.[1]

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