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Tergazzi! You know Tergazzi, don't you, Giles? Everybody's favorite demon snitch and black marketeer?
Buffy Summers[src]

Tergazzi was a demon informant and ally of the Scooby Gang.[1]


In 1999, Xander and Angel met Tergazzi at Willy's Place while looking for information on Veronique and the Triumvirate. Tergazzi led them to his girlfriend Queenie and a box containing two charred journals he had been able to get his hands on that provided vital information on the Triumvirate.[2]

Later, under threat to Queenie, he led Buffy Summers into a failed trap and was forced to help in the fight against the Triumvirate. Due to his lack of a living soul as a demon, Tergazzi and Angel were the only two of the group who were unaffected by Old One's powers without the aid of a lost soul.[2]

After the Triumvirate was broken down into its three hatchling forms, Tergazzi killed one as it attacked Angel by ripping the demon's heart out with his taloned hand, shocking the Scooby Gang. Tergazzi admitted that, while he wasn't much of a fighter, he could when he had something to fight for. After the Triumvirate's defeat, Tergazzi subsequently left town with Queenie.[2]