Sister Oracle: “What is not yet done... can be avoided.
Brother Oracle: “Temporal folds are not to indulge the whims of lower beings.
The Oracles[src]

A Temporal Fold was a major disruption in the natural fabric of time in order to move an object or being into another moment in time. Only extremely powerful beings like The Oracles, the Senior Partners or D'Hoffryn, one of the so-called Lower Beings, could create temporal folds. Mortal magic practitioners could create smaller temporal folds through a ritual invocation to the god Eyrishon.

Those who performed and those moved in time through the temporal fold usually mantained their memories.

Known Temporal Folds Edit

  • Anya Emerson and Willow Rosenberg: When D'Hoffryn refused to create a temporal fold to retrieve Anya's Amulet and prevent its destruction at the hands of the Wishverse counterpart of Rupert Giles, Anya convinced Willow to perform a ritual and invoke Eyrishon to retrieve the amulet. However, in the midst of the ritual, Willow saw images of the Wishverse and interrupted the ritual. As a result, instead of the amulet, Willow's vampire counterpart was teleported through time.
  • The Oracles: In order to prevent his transformation into human by coming in contact with the blood of a Mohra Demon, and prevent the possible death of Buffy Summers, Angel convinced the Oracles to perform a temporal fold. Keeping the memories of the original timeline, Angel was sent back in time to the moment he first met the Mohra, killing him on sight.
  • The Senior Partners: In order to prevent the death of Angel, the Senior Partners were forced to perform a temporal fold. As a result, Angel, Spike, Illyria, Charles Gunn, Connor and every citizen of Los Angeles the Partners had sent to Hell were restored to the moment before L.A. had been sent to Hell. Everyone kept the memories of the months they remained trapped in Hell, but they were all reverted to their original physical states, such as Angel being restored to his vampire state (having been turned into a human to handicap him during his fight in Hell) while Gunn was turned back into an injured human.

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