Guide to template fields

  • Title: Needed only when the article name differs from the species' more common name. i.e. Lorne
  • Image: Only the filename and extension are required here. No "File:" prefix or pixel size are necessary. i.e. buffy.jpg
  • Appear: Use in place of First and Last when the character has only made one appearance. i.e. Carnyss Demon
  • Status: Extinct or Extant
  • Type/Distinction: Human, demon, slayer, vampire, etc.
  • Affiliation: Groups affiliated with or alliances.
  • all other fields should be self-explanatory.


Copy and paste the following into the top of the article and fill in the fields as appropriate. "N/A" is not necessary as any fields left blank will not appear in the article.

|Image           = 
|First           = 
|Last            = 
|Appear          = 
|Name            = 
|Alternative Names     = 
|Status          = 
|Type            = 
|Affiliation     = 
|Related Species = 
|Powers          = 
|Actor           = 
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