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Discede! (Be Gone!)
―Willow Rosenberg[src]

A Teleportation Spell was a spell that could teleport the target or oneself to a different location.

Known Spells[edit | edit source]

Dea Pro Mihi, Audite Meus Dico... Patepacio Prodigium Pro Nos Totus!)
―Willow Rosenberg[src]
  • Willow and Tara once used a teleportation spell against Glory: it involved silent chanting, sprinkling a magical dust on the target, and was activated when the caster clapped her/his hands and said the word "Discede" (Latin for "Be gone"). As a result, Glory was teleported into midair, though she survived due to her status as a Hell-Goddess.
  • While she was a Dark Witch, Willow used a variation of this spell to teleport herself, Buffy, and Dawn to the Magic Box.
  • Willow used a variation of this spell to teleport a colossal-sized Dawn right into the main streets of Tokyo to serve as the Slayer Army's "battering ram" against Toru's forces.
  • Willow got Andrew Wells to locate the Thricewise Kenny by pretending to be a college student looking to become Kenny's dorm roommate. Andrew placed totems inside Kenny's dorm, creating a teleportation grid which allowed Willow to teleport herself and several Slayers into his room by chanting "erehavoteg" (get ova here backwards).
  • On the run from Twilight, Buffy had Willow cast one final spell to teleport a whole submarine containing the Slayer Organization, from the ocean to Tibet on land.

Usage and Side-Effects[edit | edit source]

As proven by Willow and subsequently explained by Giles, teleportation spells can be extremely dangerous to witches who have not reached a certain advanced level in the magical arts. When Willow first used it, it caused her a nasal hemorrhage and headaches that lasted for over a week, for she had yet to reach the required level despite already being an increasingly powerful witch. She also revealed that she had no control over where Glory was teleported, which further proves that she lacked complete mastery over the spell.

However, when Willow had become a supremely powerful witch, she was shown to be able to use teleportation spells without suffering any side-effects.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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