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Teleportation was the ability to materialize in another place without physically traveling the space in between.[1] This also included the use of portals and the ability to create them.[2]


According to Wesley, teleportation was characterized by a displacement of atmosphere around the teleporter; anything other than that, was merely high-speed or imperceptible movement.[3] Several demons possessed this ability,[1] as well as powerful magic practitioners with the use of certain spells.[4] Some forms of teleportation could allow the user to travel into different dimensions.[5]

Anya considered teleportation superior to flight in its effectiveness. When Willow was consumed by black magic, she used an airborne-based form of transportation, appearing and disappearing in violent burst of lightning and gust of wind, as opposed to vengeance demons, who used teleportation, appearing and disappearing in a swirl of magical energies almost instantaneously. Willow's mode of transport was visually more distinguishable, but it took longer for her to get to her destination.[1]

The ability to teleport could be limited only to the user, as demonstrated and explained by Anya to Andrew, although Willow was able to bring Buffy and Dawn into the Magic Box with her.[1] However, teleporting something else besides the user, living or otherwise, could depended on the skill level of the responsible party. Jonathan was unable to warp elsewhere something as large as a dead person's body;[6] and yet Willow was able to do so with Glory, who was alive and close to invincible at that time.[7]



  • Vengeance demons could travel to any specific place instantly, but there were some limitations. Halfrek could not teleport out of the Summers residence until she broke the spell that kept residents inside[8] and Anya could not teleport Andrew and Jonathan out of prison.[1] Teleportation for vengeance demons was also a privilege, as Anya had this ability revoked as punishment for reversing a wish.[9]
  • Mok'tagar demons could travel inter-dimensionally.[5]
  • Kleynach demons wore a magic ring known as the Band of Blacknill to travel through dimensions.[10]
  • Illyria was able to teleport Buffy from the middle of a fight in San Francisco to where she stood in Los Angeles.[11]
  • Other demons such Sweet,[12] Sahjhan,[13] Stewart Burns,[14] and an unidentified shaman[15] could travel through points in space at will.


  • Myrna, an expert on inter-dimensional magic, would involuntarily teleport to different places in her proximity.[16]
  • Giles was teleported to Sunnydale from England with the help of the Devon coven.[17]
  • After a night of heavy magic use, Willow teleported to Buffy's house after briefly teleporting to the inside of the Bronze and outside of the Magic Box.[4]
  • A new rule written in the Vampyr book allowed Dawn, as the Key, to retain her power to open portals even on Earth.[18] She had been able to travel through a number of dimensions between Anharra and Earth,[2][19] and since then she opened a portal through time along with Willow and Illyria,[20] as well as find a place for Harth's demon army to be expelled into during the Reckoning.[21]




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