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Xander: “She can read our mind? Our every impulse and fantasy?
Buffy: “Every one.
Xander: “(thinking) Oh god!
— Buffy and Xander[src]

Telepathy was the ability to hear the minds and thoughts of humans and animals without the aid of physical communication (noise or movement).  


Telepathy was found in some species of demon and in rare human individuals, and could also be accomplished by witches with the aid of magic. The non-reflective nature of vampires rendered them largely immune to such probing, though powerful telepaths, such as Splenden Beasts, were able to do so. Vampires could also still be telepathically communicated with by witches. A specific species of demon could inadvertently transfer their telepathic powers to another being if their blood were to come into contact with their skin. The demon Barney, who auctioned off organs stemming from demons and super-human beings, had in his collection, a telepath's brain which "still thought"

Telepathic Communication[]

Telepathic communication was the sub-ability that referred to transferring information from one mind to another via projecting one's thoughts to another person's mind in order to communicate with them. Willow Rosenberg mastered this skill around her second year as a witch; with it, she could speak to fellow Scoobies from long distances without having to know where they were and they could communicate back by speaking normally or even having private conversations by thinking responses. She used this against Glory by communicating to Spike and signalling when he could ascend up the Tower after she and Tara Maclay telekinetically shoved away a large group of Glory's minions.

After Buffy's death, Willow used this power to inform her fellow Scoobies about the locations of vampires at the Sunnydale Cemetery while she watched over the land by a crypt. When she turned evil, she used this power to inform her friends about her plan to destroy the world. The following year, after rehabilitating himself, Willow, Buffy Summers and Xander Harris shared telepathic communication about dealing with a Turok-Han Vampire away from the Potential Slayers. The following year, Willow used telepathy to search out Amy Madison.