Xander using a Taser blaster in the battle within the Initiative headquarters.

Taser blasters were the most common weapons employed by agents of the Initiative.

Usage[edit | edit source]

This weapon was most typically used for incapacitating demons to capture them for study, referred to as a "zap 'n' trap" by Professor Maggie Walsh. Riley Finn and other commandos were equipped with taser blasters during the Gentlemen's short tenure in Sunnydale. Riley aided Buffy Summers in her fight with the Gentlemen and their minions where he used the blaster to throw off a Gentlemen who was approaching Buffy when she was vulnerable. Taser blasters were also used during the Initiative's field test of Buffy where she managed to protect herself from the weapon's electric arc by swiftly using a commando's body as a human shield.

Riley Finn wielding a taser blaster.

Professor Walsh gave Buffy a faulty taser blaster for an assignment which she hoped would get her killed. Even though Buffy was unable to use its original function, she exploited its damage by throwing it in a puddle with her enemy, electrocuting it. She later had Xander Harris (having previous knowledge of the military) to repair it after coming across Adam. However, he was unable to reconfigure the weapon until Riley did so with just a press of a button. Buffy and Xander later used one at the demon rampage at the Initiative complex.

Although it was designed for use of the Initiative, it ironically had limited use during the demon breakout Adam had planned. Even high-ranking officers such as Colonel McNamara and his troops did not use the weapon during the skirmish. It was possible that the Initiative agents might not have had easy access to them at the time due to the rampaging demons or they just preferred more effective weapons such as assault rifles during the crisis.  

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Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Taser blasters were rifle-like weapons with two-handles and a circuitry box at the center with wires connecting to the back and the front where a pointed, bronze muzzle was. It fired blasts of electricity at the target, incapacitating them without causing physical damage. A single blast fired around 12,000 volts which took a blasted human nearly two hours to recover from, though a Slayer could take a blast with relatively minimal damage. In the case of Adam, taser blaster actually gave him physical pleasure rather than causing harm, so much he actually thanked Forrest Gates for firing at him.

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