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Anyway, that's my date. She's with me. My date for the wedding.

Tarantula was Spike's date in the wedding of Anya Jenkins and Xander Harris.


Spike brought Tarantula to the wedding in attempt to make Buffy Summers jealous. According to Dawn Summers, who Tarantula refused to shake hands with when introduced, she and Spike were making out in the middle of the room.

Later, seeing the discomfort their presence caused Buffy, Spike decided to suddenly leave with Tarantula before the ceremony began, intending to take her to his crypt. He described her as "evil", although her nature was unspecified.[1]

In the following year, Buffy suggested Spike to try out having dates too, and recalled the girl he had brought to the wedding.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • She was portrayed by Rebecca Jackson.
  • Despite never identified in the series, her nickname is revealed as "Tarantula" in the episode credits.



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