I have a question I hope someone can answer. At about 23:00 into this episode, Tara asks Willow if she (Willow) has something of Buffy's. Willow thinks for a second, then answers, "this ring." The ring is on the third finger of Willow's right hand.

I do not remember Buffy giving Willow a ring. Can anyone give me a time/place, or should I assume it happened "off camera"?

Zhandele 14:24, April 19, 2010 (UTC)

Council Members? Edit

Just thought of something else. This page describes the people who attempted to capture and then kill Faith as "council members." I don't think we ever learn much about how the Council of Watchers operates, but that doesn't sound right. I suspect this organization is extremely hierarchical and status-conscious. I'd bet there are grades and ranks of Watchers, and also a class of subordinate employees or operatives. This "wet works" team is probably made up of lower ranking people. I'd suggest we describe them as "operatives." We do know there's a Board of Directives with "all those alchemists" on it.

Zhandele 02:36, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

Skin Edit

This paragraph:

Faith (in Buffy's body) says to Tara that "I guess you never really know someone 'til you've been inside their skin." That's the one of the points of the whole episode: she gets to be inside Buffy's skin and get to really know her. She experiences for the first time people loving her and being grateful to her and the attraction of helping others and doing good. She also, if only briefly, starts to care about doing what's right, as if Buffy gets under her skin even while she's in Buffy's skin. She says about rescuing the people in the church, "I'm Buffy; I have to do this." Interestingly, the reverse doesn't seem to be true: Buffy doesn't appear to get to know Faith better by being inside her skin.

... may not belong on this page? What it says is true and insightful, but it involves so much interpretation, it may not be in keeping with the style and purpose of this wiki. I'm not going to change it on my own, just raise the question.

"Buffy doesn't appear to get to know Faith ..." Well, I don't believe Faith and Buffy meet again until Season 7, and then their relationship is very different. There are many ways of explaining this, but Buffy's experience in Faith's body may have something to do with it. Also ... notice Buffy's last line in this episode is "I don't think she's coming back." This statement might be informed by something she learned in Faith's body.

Zhandele 02:43, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

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