The graves' earth and AngelEdit

In this episode, Angel and Kate visit the graves of several deceased officers. Angel knows that the earth around some of the graves has been disturbed. He knows that the grave of Kate's father has not been disturbed.

How does he know that, when Kate doesn't? I suppose it has to do with enhanced senses that vampires might have, but which?

Can anyone help me with this?

Zhandele 14:21, August 21, 2010 (UTC)

Precinct 13 anyone? Edit

I'd like to add Assault on Precinct 13 as a pop culture reference – for having a similar setting, though with interchanged roles. Apparently, nobody else does notice this (neither IMDb nor wikipedia or anything else does mention it). Opinions? -- compleCCity -- You talkin' to me? -- cCContributions -- 23:54, May 14, 2019 (UTC)

First, the "Pop culture references" list is dedicated to in-world references, deliberate references made by characters. Notes on the episode's creation are to be included in the "Production" section.
Now, an analysis that compares a Buffyverse episode with another material may not be interesting to the wiki, since this tends to be too subjective and not necessarily true, so the best approach is to include a source of a crew member affirming certain homage was intentional. We know some references are too obvious to not be considered as such, and therefore still relevant to be included in the article, but sometimes it's better leave them unmentioned than spreading a mere speculation, especially when you're already in doubt.
Saying this, I've never watched this movie, so, if you still conclude this is relevant to the article, I suggest you to include your observation in the behind the scenes subsection "Others", like the already existing comparison with the movie Maniac Cop.
Ellesy (talk) 02:14, May 15, 2019 (UTC)
Thanks for clarifying the intention of the pop culture section.
I know, a reference might help. And, as obviously nobody else feels the same, I will not add it – unless some other people come around, confirming here (that's why I opened the discussion, see? ;).
It's… well, I've seen the film (and the worse remake) some time ago – and immediately, without thinking about it, felt reminded of that movie's atmosphere and of course the setting: some people barricade the building they're in, while from the outside other people try to get into it, smashing windows, try to get through these holes … all that. It's not actually reversed roles, in the movie it's zombies vs. policemen, while here these are the same, attaking a different group. But, really, immediately that film came into my mind.
Anyway, thanks. :) -- compleCCity -- You talkin' to me? -- cCContributions -- 22:56, May 15, 2019 (UTC)
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