Ooops! Tried to edit the Quotes block, so that " ends the lesson" would read correctly as " endeth the lesson", but when I clicked 'Publish', the block was just left with a hyphen!

Apparently, when you click 'Edit' on Quotes, it defaults to the 'Visual' tab in the editor, which only showed several green jigsaw-puzzle-lookin' icons, which showed what looked like an editable text window when moused over.

I made my edit and clicked Publish, but was left with blank space, yet when I went back and clicked on the 'Source' tab, all the proper text (including my correction) was there!

So, what did I do wrong, and/or can somebody fix it for me? I'm terribly sorry for messing things up.

Thanks in advance.


Please, sign your comments properly.--Gonzalo84 01:18, December 15, 2011 (UTC)

On the part about how Buffy has died twice and come back both times talking about Prophecy girl. Giles and Anya talked about it. Specifically Anya said it's not like she hasn't died before which references that part of Prophecy Girl. However, Giles said it's because she lives again. There was a difference between the two deaths on Buffy. First Buffy died from drowning and was brought back by CPR a clincal the Slayer line apparently has never dealt with before (or it has but Buffy is been said to be the first slayer to have friends and it isn't okay which means any previously drowned slayers wouldn't have been resuscitated. On the point of the second death: Buffy was dead. Her soul had moved on, her body decayed. The magic used to bring her back was disrupting the natural order of things. Therefore the spell did mess up the Slayer line. I was just thinking that part about both deaths should be changed is all to fix that. 


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