I think I found a continuity error in "Prophecy Girl" (1:12). Before I edit the Wiki, I want to find out whether I've missed something.

The Prophecy of Aurelius says of the Anointed One that "the Slayer will not know him," but when Buffy meets the Anointed One (about 26 minutes into this episode) she recognizes him and even tells him, "It's OK, I know who you are." No one, among either the white hats or the black hats, seems to notice this.

The Codex, which Giles has recently recovered with the help of Angel, does not address the issue so far as I can tell. BTW, I've always wondered where and how Angel got that Codex.



She recognizes who he is after walking into the library moments before and hearing Ms Calendar and Giles talk about the Annointed One being a kid. Also, upon walking out of the school, she sees him standing all alone on the school lawn asking for help, putting the two incidents together, she figures out who he is and goes with him. Had she missed Giles' and Ms Calendar's conversation about their assumption that the Annointed One is a kid, she would never have known and would have fallen into the trap the way it was prophesized to happen.

So this is a very explainable continuity error.

Another thought ...

I suppose "she will not know him" may refer to the fact that Buffy thought she had killed the Anointed One when she hadn't. Colin did lead her "into Hell" just as Aurelius' prophecy had it.


Vampire Breath

The "no breath" aspect is pretty shady - see the Talk:Vampire section I put up for discussion. (Flowtron 15:51, June 18, 2012 (UTC))


Was it ever clearly explained why Buffy came back stronger when she was resuscitated? FTWinchester (talk) 15:52, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

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