I think the information on this page is incorrect.  Yes, Jack was killed because he wouldn't give up his watch, but he was not the man from the beginning of the episode who tries and fails to call Angel Investigations.  Evidence is as follows:

- First, the man at the beginning is not wearing the watch the vampires took from him, meaning they would have had to have taken it from him before he makes the phone call.  If that was the case, it wouldn't fit the story that they killed him for the watch.
- Second, it seemed to me that it was implied that Sam was wiith Jack when he died.  How else would Sam have known the specifics of how he died?  And the man from the beginning of this episode died alone in a phone booth.  Sam was not there.
- Third, and most importantly: the man at the beginning wasn't killed by a group of vampires.  He was killed by ONE being, not a group...and while it is a little blurry and only seen for a split second, the thing that killed him was clearly a demon, not a vampire.

Point being: the man who died at the beginning was nameless and only existed for the joke in that scene.  He was not Jack.  And Jack was never seen on screen.  His story was only told after the fact.


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