Leader of the pack. Edit

So this page says Doug Jones was the lead Gentleman, while Camden Toy's page says he was. Is one of them wrong? Did they trade off the part? What's the real story?

Sets, Back to the Future? Edit

We see a town square and clock tower in this episode several times. I don't remember, right off, seeing these things in any other Buffy episode. Was that set made just for "Hush," or was it borrowed? It looks to me like one of the sets used in the "Back to the Future" movies. Does anyone know any more about this? Sunnydale seems like a smaller, and older town in this episode than it does in any other, at least to me.

While very similar looking, it is not the same location where Back to the Future was filmed. Hush was filmed in the Warner Bros lot, while Back to the Future was filmed in the Universal lot. I believe the area was meant to be part of the campus of UC Sunnydale and not part of the town itself, but I'm not certain about that part.
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