Although the script does not say so, it seems pretty clear that the opening scene depicts a rehearsal of "Doll's House," not a performance. We see the director with a clipboard, and Cordelia gets a prompt when she asks for one, which wouldn't happen during an actual performance.

Actually, during performances you can ask for lines. And sometimes directors do sit with a clipboard to write down notes during performances. Though it could also be the dress rehearsal. I say this 'cause I'm a theater director. Also, SIGN YOUR COMMENTS PLEASE.--Gonzalo84 03:08, April 28, 2010 (UTC)

Cordelia and Wesley Leave Him Chained Up Edit

The last sentence of this synposis says that Cordelia and Wesley left Angel tied up "to be on the safe side." I don't see proof of this. I thought they were being spiteful. That doesn't make them look good, but it's natural human behavior. I suggest that last phrase in parens be removed.

Goof Edit

I've removed the goof about Angel not being invited to Rebecca's home. Earlier in the episode (around 7:12) she tells him to stop by sometime, with him replying "Thanks for the invitation."

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