Querying the last line of the Continuity:-

The entire town of Sunnydale is now deserted except for the Scoobies and The First's forces (and one priest who presumably left after he showed Spike and Andrew the secret room in the church).

Firstly, on what basis are you saying the whole town bar the Scoobies and the First have left town? Mass exodus, yes, but nowhere does it give the impression that they are now alone.

Secondly, the one priest that showed Spike and Andrew the hidden room was definitly not in Sunnydale. Giles (I believe) mentions to Buffy about a lead up north, and Spike & Andrew very obviously are shown on a journey out of town. Kephron 11:02, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

I have deleted the paragraph about the Sunnydale town being deserted except for Scoobies and First's minions. That's not true, since in the next episode we can still see people leaving town. Actually, the electric company staff don't leave Sunnydale until the next chapter (Touched), when lights are out while Faith is talking to the Ptentials at the beginning of the next episode (Touched). Even bearing that in mind, we must remember that, in Season 8, we learn that Amy Madison and Warren (at least) were still in town and have been in town even after its destruction, surviving somehow.

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