Connor in season 9?

From the article: "Connor has pretty much been confirmed to be a part of season 9, comments from Scott Allie confirm this: "Buffy will finally get to meet Connor in season 9...". When did Allie say that Buffy will meet Connor? He doesn't say that in any of the interviews linked as sources. And I've followed his various interviews and haven't seen him say that in any of them. IIn the Q&A about season 9, in fact, the only thing he said about Connor is that his story will mostly be told in Angel & Faith. So far there's no confirmation at all that Connor will be in Buffy's title instead of just in Angel & Faith. Until someone provides evidence to the opposite, I'm removing that sentence from the text.

The Charmed Ones

The sisters from the show, Charmed, live in San Francisco, and I just think it would be amaaaaaaazing if they did a crossover in this season. ~Me~ 14:33, July 9, 2011 (UTC)

I like both series, but I don't think it'd work canonically speaking. Mainly because vampires in Buffy are pretty different to the vampires in Charmed P3nathan

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