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Tales of the Vampires, Part Three is the third issue of the "Tales of the Vampires" mini-series. It contains a frame story of same title, as well as the short stories Father and Antique.


The writers of the legendary television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunite for this chilling five-issue series, masterminded and overseen by Joss Whedon himself!

In this issue, Drew Goddard pokes fun at the King of Vampires, Dracula. Jane Espenson looks at the bond between a vampire father and his aging son, and Joss Whedon continues his ongoing story of young watchers in training as they meet their first vampire.[1]


Edna writes in her diary, recounting the events of the past day. She notes that she's beginning to find Roche as inviting as he is unsettling. The next day, the Watchers-in-training are assembled around him once again. Roche begins to talk of how he longs to savage them all, only to be chided by Dunworthy. Edna interrupts Dunworthy, goading Roche into continuing, against Sophie's pleading and bribing to stop. Edna eventually relents, noting that she can anger Roche, whose bonds, unbeknownst to those assembled before him, are weakening.

Besides this framing story, this issue contains as well two short stories, focusing on different vampires throughout history:



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