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Tales of the Vampires, Part One is the first issue of the “Tales of the Vampires” comic book miniseries. It contains a framing story of same title, as well as the short stories The Problem with Vampires and Stacy.


Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, regroups with the writers from the hit TV show to examine the monsters who've challenged the Slayers through the ages. Kicking off the new series, Whedon teams with one of comics' hottest new stars, Catwoman artist Cameron Stewart, for a look at what happens when disaffected youth turns to vampirism. Also Drew Goddard brings us the story of how Drusilla (of the infamous Spike and Dru) went crazy during their time in Prague before reigning their terror on Sunnydale.[1]


A Watcher named Dunworthy has taken four young Watchers-in-training down into the basement of the Watchers Academy building. He brings them to a tomb and has them armed; Sophie Downs chooses a stake, as does Edna Giles. They are led into a room where a vampire is kept in chains. Sophie recognizes him as Roche. Dunworthy praises her, but admits he has forgotten her name. Roche explains to the young Watchers that vampires are no animals, but complex beings, and then begins telling them stories of vampires past, present, and future.

Besides this framing story, this issue contains as well two short stories, focusing on different vampires throughout history:


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