Tales was the eighth and final short story in the "Tales of the Slayers" graphic novel.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

On her way to a grab for Gunther, Melaka Fray has to fight vampires. These being very old, they knew the moves of the Slayer. Mel, however, did not, as she hadn't inherited the Slayer psychic abilities. She was able to slay the vampires and opened the box that was supposed to be her grab. A four-armed spider-monkey escaped from it and ran off with her Scythe. Mel quickly pursued the creature through the busy Haddyn streets.

Eventually, the creature led her to an abandoned apartment, with a stylized red Scythe tiled on the floor and shelves of old Watchers Diaries. As Mel inspected the room, the spider-monkey went to sleep. In the books Mel was able to read about various past slayers, and not to be alone anymore.

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Melaka Fray: "I am the only one in the world, but I am not alone."
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