Takeshi Morimoto was very successful Japanese-American businessman who successfully maintained a positive public image while also dealing in criminal activity.

Biography Edit

I don't think you realize who you're up against.
―Takeshi Morimoto[src]

Takeshi was an extremely shrewd businessman. On the public surface, he was seen for his many good deeds such as cancer research, wildlife preservation, and multiple charity works. This subverted the public eye from his less honorable dealings such as bank fraud, smuggling, and money laundering.

In early 2003, Takeshi was in possession of L.I.S.A., an extremely wanted covert device in its beta stage of development. With the assistance of Charles Gunn, Gwen Raiden stole the hardware from the Morimoto estate, not for financial gain, but in hopes of temporarily repressing her powers, which would allow her to have physical contact without incident.

Personality and Traits Edit

Then you're not leaving at all. Finish it.
―Takeshi Morimoto[src]

Gwen and Gunn were nearly killed during Gwen's heist of L.I.S.A. from the Morimoto estate, during which Morimoto displayed the cut-throat criminal normally hidden beneath the upstanding and honorable citizen/businessman surface.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Dana Lee.

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