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Um... That, that was funny if you, um, studied Taglarin mythic rites... And are a complete dork.
―Tara Maclay[src]

Taglarin mythic rites were a set of rituals involving a person and his or her center of powers and significance according to the karmic cycle. Tara Maclay was well-versed with the mythic rites, although Willow, who was another witch, did not express the same level of familiarity about them. Even the accomplished Watcher Giles, and Anya, who was an ex-vengeance demon at that point, showed confusion about the rites, implying the rites were an obscure branch of study.

According to Tara, the Taglarin mythic rites would show different reflections of persons depending on how significant they were. An insect reflection would mean that the person was insignificant. Another reflection was mentioned—the eagle reflection, although its meaning was not explained.