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You think you can make a difference? As long as there are souls - weak, wounded, begging to be perverted - I'm everywhere and eternal. I'll be around when the last of humanity eats itself alive. Oh, it's going to be beautiful! Kill me?! Kill a hundred of me! You are one, where I am a THOUSAND!
―T'Purok to Angel[src]

T'Purok the Corruptor was a demon worshiped by a cult of pimps at a brothel known as the Bottom Bar.


T'Purok was a demon who was stuck to a ceiling like mold, and could only experience sensations by possessing a host, typically through a necklace bearing "Sign of T'Purok". He accomplished this through a cult of pimps who ran the Bottom Bar, who gave the necklace to their prostitutes who proceeded to kill their clients and then themselves.

After ten prostitutes disappeared, Angel managed to track the pimps down to the shrine were they worshiped T'Purok, confronting T'Purok himself. In the ensuing confrontation, T'Purok declared that killing him was useless and that Angel could never overcome the corrupt nature of humanity, insisting that evil was everywhere and festering within people, shouting Angel was one where he was a thousand. Undaunted, Angel cleaved T'Purok in two with a battle axe before quipping, "Nine hundred and ninety-nine to go."

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • T'Purok is a scrapped character originally created for "Corrupt", the intended second episode of Angel, but the entire episode was scrapped because the WB believed it to be too dark to air.
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