Suvolte Demon

Demon baby 1


Suvolte Demons were a particularly vicious, non-sentient species of demons on the verge of extinction. Due to their quick breeding and growing, their brutality, and low numbers, they were highly valued in the black market and widely sought by paramilitary and terrorist groups. Using the alias of The Doctor, Spike sought to obtain money by selling a number of Suvolte eggs.


Suvolte demons are tall, scaly creatures with extremely big snouts. They reproduce via eggs, which have a leathery, pod-like appearance. The spawn of a Suvolte resemble large insects, which are capable of moving and killing seconds after they hatch. Those dealing with Suvolte eggs usually keep them stored at low temperatures to prevent them from hatching prematurely, as Spike would learn during his extremely short career as a Suvolte egg smuggler.

Thanks to their superhuman strength, Suvoltes are capable of leaping large distances and are highly resistant to harm. However, they can be killed if their necks are snapped.


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