Susan Finney was a farmer living in Oklahoma during the Dustbowl and the mother of Pearl and Nash.


She was a widow, having lost her husband and children in circumstances bound to the precariousness, the hunger and the disease of her time, leaving her misantropic. This loss motivated her into having children with a demon so that her children would be strong and be able to make something of themselves.

In April 14, 1935, she called forth a demon, forced to grant her one request. She asked him to make her pregnant.  The result was the twins, Pearl and Nash. She raised them believing they would be the first of a new order by mating with demons, just like she had, in order to have strong and powerful offspring. 

In 1940, ironically, she encouraged them to use any appeals as the murder when they killed an agent of the taxes come demand the payment of the farm.

In 1970, she watched, powerless, as her grandchildren were massacred by Alasdair Coames and other archmages. As her children cried over the lifeless bodies of their children, she encouraged them to try again, this time proposing they mate with humans strong in magic, since their demon-offspring's inability to blend in proved to be a big drawback. 

When the End of magic arrived, she became incapable of extending her life, and fell mortally ill. She told her children that they were in good company with Whistler, and that they would finally be able to fulfill their purpose with him at their side. She finally asked her children to spare her the coming days of great pain, which they did by incinerating her.  


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