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Btvs The subject of this article is non-canonical.
While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse continuity.

Surrogates, Part One is the first issue of the Angel comic book series. Written by Christopher Golden and illustrated by Christian Zanier, it was originally published on November 10, 1999, by Dark Horse Comics.


What is it with this Angel guy? Not only has the moody, square-jawed vampire got his own television show, but now he's getting the monthly comic-book treatment, courtesy of Christopher Golden (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Angel), Christian Zanier (Buffy #12), and Andy Owens (Buffy #12). Having fled Sunnydale, and all the difficult emotional circumstances that go along with it, Angel has set up shop as a paranormal investigator in Los Angeles. With the help of Sunnydale's favorite prom queen, Cordelia Chase, and demon-spawn wiseacre Doyle, Angel has his work cut out for him! Get on the bandwagon now, so that you can say you were buying this dynamite book from the start![1]


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Organizations and titles[]




Death count[]

  • Four shapeshifter demons, exploded by a bomb thrown by Angel.
  • Rita Carlson, killed in her own home (only mentioned).

Behind the scenes[]



  • Surrogates, Part One was the 86th best selling comic issue in its publishing month, with 29,952 sales in November 1999 at comic specialty stores.[2]


Pop culture references[]

  • A demon tells Angel he's "not exactly Mother Teresa," the canonized nun and missionary winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Cordelia suggests Doyle to use a tissue after sneezing, mentioning the paper brand Kleenex.
  • Doyle calls Cordelia "Nancy Drew," in reference to the fictional amateur sleuth.
  • Cordelia asks Doyle if he's ever solved a word puzzle from the game show Wheel of Fortune.


  • Mother Teresa's name is incorrectly written as "Theresa."



Cover artwork[]


Cordelia: "Los Angeles. City of Angels. City of dreams. Whatever. City of broken dreams is more like it. They call New York the city that never sleeps. L.A.'s the city that never wakes from its own shallow, glittery dream."


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