The Supernatural Crisis Act was a set of legal actions in the aftermath of San Francisco’s tsunami, in response to the national state of fear and violence against the supernatural in national scale. It was created by the United States government under the administration of President Malloy.

These actions included:

  • a mandatory census of all magical individuals living in the United States;[1]
  • recruitment of Slayers as peacekeepers;[1][2]
  • creation of the Secretary of Supernatural;[1]
  • temporary relocation and imprisonment of supernatural beings to a Safe Zone;[1]
  • reintegration through removal of magic from volunteers.[3]

With the eventual public reveal of the Pandora Project and its leader Joanna Wise, it was discovered that the White House Press Secretary had been the responsible for summoning the Shenlong, in order to cause San Francisco’s destruction and the public controversy on magic. With this, President Malloy declared everyone involved in this treason would be punished, and his administration would review the policies regarding the supernatural, under the supervision of those credited for exposing the conspiracy: Specialists Riley and Samantha Finn.[4]


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